liberta de expresión

Lucia et le sexe (2001)

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paz vega and streaptease song

un rayo de sol,cancion de paz vega

Belén y Lorenzo

My mother’s an actress.
a porn actress.
She quit last year.
She met this amazing guy
who was a client,
and fell for him.
Now we live together.
He retired her.
He’s the sweetest guy…

Last night,
when they went to bed,
I put one of my mom’s movies on.
It’s strange, but…
Seeing her in action
gets me hot.

You masturbated.

You always guess.
I took one of her dildos
from her room while they slept.
I lay naked on the sofa,
in the dark,
in front of the TV.
I started copying
her sexual positions.

Their lust almost killed them.
He covered her mouth
so her mother wouldn’t wake up.
We decided not to tell my mom.
And to never do it again.

I promised Antonio
I’d find myself a boyfriend
right away so I’d have someone
to play with.
Here, I’ll loan you my mom
for a couple days.
I masturbated because of you,
but ended up thinking of him.










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