liberta de expresión


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in heaven everything is fine..

he digs the trench you lay the pipe.

sometimes in is out.

cold and emptiness make arctic menacing

in heaven everything is fine..

icy dislike

the way you dress is a personal embarrassment to me.

I think no decision’s a decision.I think you’ve decided,and that’s why you can’t sleep

He’s finished I’m going to sew his ass to his face I am gonna twist his neck so hard his lips will his eyebrows

I could tell he was turned on by the way Adrian had pursued me. So was I. We both made love to Adrian’s spirit. Lucky Adrian. Fucked from the front by me, from the rear by Bennett.
Bennett the husband
Adrian is the eexistentialist

“The Jewish science,” as anti-Semites call it. Turn every question upside down and shove it up the asker’s ass
Erica Jong

every woman adores a fascist
Is there no way out of the mind?
Sylvia Plath

paranoia is a healthy human trait

screw the melancholy out of her soul

many people are afraid of being alone.but it made me feel free strong and invulnerable

bereveament is a communist reaction to anger and grieve

alcohol verbreek de protestantse ernst

“The problem with Socialism is eventually you run out of other people’s money”
Margaret Thatcher

dentist is a doctor who failed at med-school

manhattan streets are like safari of models

hang out the stars in indiana
to light my way back home to you

a needle in a haystack

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