liberta de expresión

Sex and the City (1998–2004)

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la robe nue
-Disons-le. C`est la robe nue.
-Tu vas manifestement baiser ce soir.

– Allons. C`est notre premiere sortie.
– Elle ne baisera pas

“Valley of the Twenty-Something Guys” season 1 episode 4

I am so fucked.
What’s wrong?
No, I mean, literally.
I have been fucked every way
you can be fucked.
If you keep talking like that,
I’m gonna charge you by the minute.



Samantha:It’s just, why does everyone have to get married and have kids?
Rio the CEO:It’s so cliché.
Samantha:You’re preaching to the converted.

Rio the CEO:
I like to sleep around…
whisk somebody off to Rio
if the mood strikes me.
It’s the perfect nine-hour flight.
Dinner on the jet, wake up in Brazil…
and spend the weekend
in my little five-star hotel.

Who needs a wife when you have a life?

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