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persona (1966)

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“Identifier les images mentales qui nous mènent à la jouissance peut être un premier pas vers le septième ciel”

“Carl Jung was a swiss pychiatrist and psychologist, father of the “analytical psychology.

The bases of Jung’s work were in the form components of the psyche, represented through “archetypes”, ancestral images in the collective unconsciousness. But because of the difficulty in explaining and conceptualizing the “archetype”, I’m just gonna define some concepts in Jung’s work like the Archetype “persona” (the mask) and other components of the human psyche: shadow and self.

Elisabeth Vogler and Alma are two components of the same person. Elisabeth is the “Persona”, how we present ourselves to others, a mask that acts as protection and conceals our “Self” (our real identity, the consciousness of being, the container of our morals, ethics and personality) from damage or rejection. Alma is the “shadow” (the word “Alma” in spanish means “Soul”, so helps this theory by making her an entity inside the physical body of Elisabeth), the part that does not necessarily represent us or is hidden in our personality, things that we have but don’t generally identify with (i.e: selfishness, agressiveness or kindness if the Self is generally agressive).

The Persona: Elisabeth Vogler doesn’t speak, she looks rather calm almost everytime (except when she’s in danger like when Alma was going to throw hot water on her), she pretends not to talk, she’s an actress.

The Shadow: Alma speaks a lot, does some morally questionable things (having sex in the beach with strangers, not picking up the glass in the floor and not warning Elisabeth about it), she gets bitter and bitter with every minute.

Alma could be a mixture of the real Self and Shadow as well.

The Self (the real Elisabeth Vogler) is tormented, troubled because the Persona and the Shadow are in conflict, the contrast between them is so big the Self feels lost, can’t find the balance between what Elisabeth is and how she presents herself to others and the struggle with dark feelings. She lets the exterior mask and the dark side of the soul to fight and reach an agreement.

Alma says that she had an abortion, and Elisabeth gave birth to a child she does not love. The Self deep inside didn’t want the child, and the shadow presents the option of an abortion, something considered abominant, the Persona has the child cause she wants to prove she can be a good mother (presenting itself as a good person to others and comforming with society rules).”

there is a guilt that alma and elisabeth carry within the beginning alma is the nurse and elisabeth is the patient but a while later roles change.if you are locked up with a person who doesn’t speak a word with you in a distant place probably you would keep talking.maybe alma trusts so much that elisabeth never speaks again and alma makes a confessional speaking


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