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Forbrydelsen II

Sarah Lund once again gets mixed up in political scandal 

Danish prime minister covers up the killing spree of an intelligence officer in helmand province in afganistan

intelligence officer becomes the member of police force

when a lawyer finds officer’s connection, he starts to kill soldiers and whoever recognizes him and in the meantime he becomes Sarah Lund’s partner

Sarah Lund fights against her supervisors,the ministry of justice,the intelligence agency and the military to uncover the serial killer.

At the end Sarah Lund traps her partner and kills him mercilessly.

men hunt women nest?

Sarah Lund

Forbrydelsen 1 “The Killing”

sex,drugs,serial killer,computer hacks,copenhagen mayor,crooked politicians,political fights, political debates etc

In a fight against terror,democracy can be put aside in order to fight for democracy.

prime minister, intelligence agency and the army tries to sleep on the killings of an intelligence officer in afganistan.

There comes Sarah Lund, the big problem 


Sarah and Meyer in the car, “Forbrydelsen 1”

Jan Meyer :not that there’s any shame in going out with your therapist

Sarah Lund : he is a criminal psychologist.
he’s the most clever man I know.
present company included


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