liberta de expresión

El amante bilingüe (1993)

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Juan was in a photograph exhibit, when just coincidence involved him with a group who was organizing a hunger strike for four days.
There, he meets Norma Valenti, the only daughter of a wealthy family of traditional Catalan background

Norma works for the department of linguistics of Catalonia
The beautiful Norma is a proud, cold woman with dark sexual tendencies
She has a special attraction for low class men who are “charnegos” ( people who are not Catalan).
Norma also has a particular fetish with shoes, the men she sleeps with have to hold a shoe with the sole force of their erection

While performing on the streets, Juan is caught in the middle of a confrontation between a pro- Catalan language group and a Spanish right wing extremist. Juan plays the anthem of Catalonia which make him a target of the extremist who throw at him a Molotov cocktail burning him.

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