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“Borgen” (2010)

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Birgitte Nyborg Christensen,first female prime minister of denmark “Borgen”

Birgitte husband :”I had so been looking forward to the Prime Minister giving me a blow job”

The Justice Minister and Intelligence Offence wants to protect democracy so much that it is no longer a democracy.

Intelligence Office is bugging a political party office.

Katrine, journalist/ TV anchor, who sleeps with prime minister’s married adviser “Borgen”

“Look I ve always respected girls who fuck their way to the top.At least it’s a talent”

the press should aim to monitor those in power thus protect the weak

first female prime minister of denmark is taking the head of the table to form government with other political parties.
as well as in the bed.

a scene in a television debate with all political party leaders

Borgen is “The Castle,” a nickname for Christiansborg Palace

which may stand for government,state,devlet(saray) etc.

The prince knows that it is far safer to be feared than loved
(Prens biliyordu ki korkuluyor olmasi sevilmesinden cok daha guvenliydi)

The prince is a reference to prime ministers and presidents of modern times.

democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that had been tried
w. churchill

Politics is war without bloodshed.
War is politics with bloodshed.
Mao Zedong

Trust is good, but control is better

history is a nightmare from which I am trying to wake
James Joyce

A prince never lacks legitimate reason to break his promise

who set the rules owns the game
( immunity laws + statute of limitations)


Borgen TV-Series

the first female prime minister of denmark happens to know that her husband had slept with one of female ministers in the cabinet in the past

Now she’s considering reshuffle in the cabinet.



orgen, episode 9

Defence Minister presseson prime minister to approve an expensive fighter plane F25 just before prime minister’s husband is offered CEO position in one of subcontractor of F25

Defence Minister and the generals in the army are bribed into expensive gifts,travels etc

Prime Ministers is to decide to fire defence minister or her husband to earn voters’ heart


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