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episode 5

potus (The President of the United States of America) is the head of state and head of government of the United States

selina meyer,veep(vice president of america)
“That president, he is a suffocating son of a bitch” 

dialogue #1

-The President is very eager to get the
fiscal responsibility bill through.
– So eager that…

Selina Meyer:
– Oh, shit, no.

He wants all focus
to be on that bill.
He’s dropped five
other pieces of legislation.

Selina Meyer:
– No.

– Clean jobs is one of them.

Selina Meyer:
Oh, God.
– My clean jobs?

– Yeah.
Oh, son of a bitch.
That president, he is a
suffocating son of a bitch.

dialogue #2

Well, there’s the briefing on the fiscal
responsibility bill at the White House.
I just assumed you’d be there.

Selina Meyer:
I wasn’t invited.

– This is happening…
– Right now.

Selina Meyer:
Fuck that potus.

düşünce özgürlüğü! nün gücü 

Veep (2012) ,episode 5

vice president of america selina meyer rehearsing the clean jobs bill with her advisers  my favourite

class genocide ) white rich people and their demanding veep 

Selina Meyer :
Hey, have you boys read
the latest draft of clean jobs?
Okay, so you’ve got your critiques
all prepared?
So you can be harsh.
You don’t need to hold back or anything.

This is class genocide.
This is rich white people
and their rich white champion
Selina Meyer demanding
an unproven solution
to an unproven problem so they
can sleep better at night.
Who works for large
polluting companies?
Ordinary blue collar Americans.
Who will get fired or have their
wages cut to pay for these taxes?
Ordinary moms and dads.
Who will suffer when these companies
are no longer competitive
because of your high taxes
and noncompliance penalties.
This is cold, calculated,
class genocide
perpetrated by someone
who is either evil
or eligible to be
held on a 5150
at a mental health facility.
Shame on you, Selina Meyer.
Remember that name.
No one will want to call
their child by that name.
There are no more Adolfs.
Soon there will be no more Selinas.
You are looking
at the last Selina.
The Selina who killed America.

Selina Meyer :
Oh, my God, Dan.
No more Selinas?

Veep (2012) ,episode 4

Vice President of America does dirty talk on the phone with her boyfriend

Selina : You got anything
to make me feel better?

I do indeed.

Selina : What is it

– Well…
It’s about seven inches,
hangs between my legs…

Selina : ( Laughing )
The thing.

I like to call him
sergeant Ted.

Selina : Okay, well,
you tell sergeant Ted
I would like him very much
to drill me in my oval office.
In fact, I need him
to put the finger
on the button
and come into my rose garden.

The sergeant is standing
at attention.

Selina :You know what… I’m coming
over there, like, right away.

Selina leaves office

Selina :
All right, I’m going home.
I’m getting fucked
every which way.

Veep (2012) ,episode 4 makes a remark on governor David Chung of his probable presidential candidate at White House,saying he’s not even born in US
Selina,Vice President of America finds hersel in the middle of a racist crowd 

Thank you for being
here, madam vice president.
– You are a good woman.
– Yeah!

And you’re not afraid
to say what’s on your mind.
– Oh.
– Danny Chung…

Selina:I… I always try to speak
as honestly as I can.

I heard what you
said about those people.
– You’d get my vote.
– ( Crowd cheers )
Cause technically
he’s n an American.

Selina:I mean…

They’re taking over our ports.
It’s like they’ve invaded us.
Yeah, and now they
think they can be president?

– No way!
– Come on, this is the White House,
not the Yellow House.
– Come on, Selina!
– ( Cheering )
( Crowd chanting )
U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!




Julia Louis-Dreyfus, veep(2012)

oil giant is lobbying vice president(veep) of america in the limousine.

oil giant: “20 years ago you had no power but you had balls, now look at you”

vice president:”now look at me, I have a dick and balls”

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